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Anti-racist anti-oppression organizations

To add an organization submit the form here

This list is being curated by @verywhiteguy with special thanks to Professor Fleming - @alwaystheself for the inspiration & starting the curating & collating list of orgs via twitter.   

Criteria for inclusion:

  • Groups/organizations that work with or accept white folk
  • Groups/organizations with an intersectional/racial lens and focus
  • Preference for organizations led by Black folk & those that materially benefit black folk

I strive to only add organizations that meet the above criteria, but have only performed a cursory review of organizations and groups listed below.  If there is a question or concern about a group or organization listed below please complete this form


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Nationwide/USA Based

Saftey Pin Box -

Black Lives Matter -

Campaign ZERO -

SURJ/Showing up for racial justice -

Momentum -

Wellstone Movement building -

Color of change -

Groundwork - 

Crossroads anti-racism -

Facing History -

Tracing Center -

Gay-Straight-Aliance (GSA) -

White Nonsense Round Up -

People's Institute for Survival & Beyond main office in New Orleans

Black Alliance For Just Immigration

Amnesty International USA

WE ARE Educators for Justice


United Negro College Fund

Southern Poverty Law Center -

Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law 

Daily Grab Back


Roots of Justice, INC

The Yarn Mission

Allies for Change - 

Team Den Mother -

Border Angels -

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) -

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) -

Lamda Legal -

National Immigration Law Center -

National Immigration Forum -

Transgender Law Center -

Jews for Racial & Economic Justice -

The Jews of Color Caucus -

Groups helping white folk leave hate groups

ExitUSA -

Life After Hate -


Toronto, Ontario

Urban Alliance on Race Relations 

Working While Black Ontario -

United Kingdom

Black Lives Matter UK -

Matters of the Earth  -

Harmony Movement  - 

York, England

Black and Asian Minority Ethnicity Network - York 


UCC White Privilege: Lets Talk -

Unitarian Universalist Anti-racism curriculum

Unitarian Universalist Allies for Racial Equity (ARE) -

Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta Beloved Community for Dismantling Racism Atlanta, GA

United Methodist Women New York, NY

Southern Christian Leadership Conference -


SURJ Birmingham - Birmingham, AL -

SURJ Huntsville - Huntsville, AL -

SURJ Auburn-Opelika - Auburn, AL -

SURJ of Northwest Alabama -


Little Rock Collective Liberation -


The Real (US)A -

Phoenix SURJ-Phoenix, AZ  -

Tucson SURJ– Tucson, AZ -


Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere (AWARE-LA) Los Angeles, CA

Bay Area Solidarity Action Team -

White People for Black Lives (WP4BL) Los Angeles, CA

Race Forward -

SURJ Bay Area – (Oakland, San Francisco, etc.) -

SURJ San Diego -

SURJ LBC - Long Beach, CA -

SURJ Santa Cruz - Soquel, CA -

Catalyst Project - Bay Area, CA -

Sacramento Faces Race -

Racial Justice Allies of Sonoma County -

SURJ Ventura -

SURJ Sacramento -

Whites for Racial Equity, SURJ Monterey County -

White People for Racial Justice of San Gabriel Valley (Pasadena)  -

SURJ Santa Barbara -

SURJ Sonoma County -

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles -


The Chinook Fund -

SURJ Boulder

SURJ Denver -

SURJ Colorado Springs -


SURJ Hartford -

SURJ New Haven -


Woodhull Freedom Foundation 

Washington Peace Center 


Mercy Institute Justice Team -

SURJ Washington DC -


SURJ Miami -

SURJ Gainsville -


SURJ Tampa Bay - 


Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta Beloved Community for Dismantling Racism Atlanta, GA

SURJ Atlanta -


SURJ Boise -


Chicago cop watch -

Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Chicago, IL

The Br. David Darst Center -  Chicago, IL

SURJ Chicago -

SURJ Champaign-Urbana -


Rebuilding the Wall 

SURJ Indianapolis - 

SURJ Northwest Indiana -

SURJ Greater Lafayette -


SURJ Iowa City -

SURJ Des Moins -




Parents for Social Justice 

SURJ Louisville -

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth -

SURJ Central Kentucky/Berea United for Racial Justice -

SURJ Eastern Kentucky -


Center for Ethical Living & Social Justice Renewal -

European Dissent - New Orleans 

SURJ/Solidarity Baton Rouge


SURJ Central Maine -


Baltimore Racial Justice Action -

Baltimore Redevelopment Action Coalition for Empowerment (BRACE) - Baltimore, MD

Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle - Baltimore, MD

Progressive Maryland -  Silver Spring, MD 

SURJ Baltimore -

SURJ Annapolis -

SURJ Montgomery County -

SURJ Delmarva -


Community Change inc - 

SURJ Boston  -

SURJ Western Mass -


The Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance -

Partners for a Racism-Free Community -

Alliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony -

SURJ Southwestern Michigan -

SURJ Southeast Michigan -

SURJ Keweenaw -

SURJ Grand Rapids -


YWCA of Minneapolis -

Women For Political Change -

Mankato YWCA - Mankato, MN

Greater Mankato Diversity Council - Mankato, MN

Minnesota Education Equity Partnership - St Paul, Mn

Neighborhoods Organizining for Change - Minneapolis, MN

SURJ Minneapolis/St Paul -

SURJ Northland (Duluth, MN & Superior, WI) -


The William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation -

Center for Inclusion & Cross Cultural Engagemen -


SURJ Kansas City -

YWCA Metro St. Louis -

Anti-Racist Collective -


SURJ Las Vegas -

New Hampshire

SURJ Upper Valley VT/NH -

Lost River Racial Justice - Brattleboro area, VT/NH/MA -

New Jersey 

Not in our town - 

Center for the Study of White American Culture- Roselle, NJ -

SURJ New Jersey -

New Mexico

SURJ New Mexico -

Wise Fool New Mexico - 

New York

Justice League - 

Middle Project -

European Dissent/White Anti-Racist Group NY -

White Noise Collective NYC

NY Anti-Racist Alliance 

Constructive White Conversations - 


Border crossers -


Breaking White Silence - Brooklyn, NY

Race Forward -

SURJ Beacon -


Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ)

SURJ Adirondack Park & North -

SURJ Buffalo

SURJ Ithica -

SURJ Hudson Valley -

SURJ Rochester -

SURJ Ulster County -

North Carolina

Safe Coalition NC - 

SURJ Asheville -

SURJ Triangle -

SURJ Chapter of the Triad -

Transform Network & Asheville SURJ -


SURJ Greater Dayton -

SURJ Cleveland -

SURJ Columbus -

SURJ Upper Arlington -

SURJ SouthEasternOhio (SEO) -


We The People Oklahoma Tulsa, OK

SURJ Oklahoma City -

SURJ Tulsa -

SURJ Norman - 


Basic Rights Oregon Portland, OR

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO)

Urban League of Portland

Causa, Oregon's Immigrant Rights Organization

Rural Organizing Project -

Central Oregon Social Justice Center -

ForWARD (For White Accountability in Racial Dialogue)- Portland, OR -

SURJ Corvallis -

SURJ PDX, Portland -

SURJ Forrest Grove -

SURJ Eugene - 


Philadelphia coalition for REAL justice -

WWHAT’S UP?! Pittsburgh -

SURJ Philly -

SURJ Central PA -

Mazzoni Center -

Rhode Island

White Noise Collective Rhode Island - Providence, RI

South Carolina

Speaking Down Barriers

SURJ Charleston -

SURJ Columbia -

South Dakota

South Dakotans Against Racism-Sioux Falls, SD - 


Mid-South Peace and Justice Center Memphis, TN

Highlander Research and Education Center- New Market -

SURJ Nashville -

SURJ 865 - 

SURJ Blount County - 

SURJ Memphis -


Educators in Solidarity Austin, TX

Anti-Racism Network of North Texas Fort Worth, Texas

Citizens Advocating Social Equity - Sugarland, Texas

SURJ Dallas -  

Racial Unity Dallas -  

Undoing White Supremacy Austin -

SURJ Houston -


SURJ Salt Lake City -


Peace & Justice Center - Burlington, Vermont

SURJ Central VT -

Upper Valley SURJ VT/NH -

Lost River Racial Justice - Brattleboro area, VT/NH/MA -


SURJ Northern Virginia -

SURJ Richmond -

SURJ Charlottesville -

SURJ New River Valley -  


Collective for the Revolution of Race, Equity, and Whiteness (CRREW) -

European Dissent – Seattle, WA -

Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites (CARW) – Seattle, WA -

Bellingham Racial Justice Coalition- Bellingham, WA -

Tools for Change- Seattle, WA -

Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS), Spokane, WA -

SURJ Olympia- Olympia, WA -

Kitsap SURJ Bremerton, WA -  


Groundwork – Madison, WI -

SURJ Northland - Duluth, MN & Superior, WI -

SURJ Milwaukee -

SURJ Appleton -


SURJ Wyoming -