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UUGA 2017 Workshop

The above recording was made June 24, 2017 at the UUA General Assembly.  This is a rough cut, with poor audio.  I will try to improve upon this ASAP.




Workshop from @verywhiteguy & @unrulyrev for Unitarian Universalist General Assembly June 2017


This workshop provides tools for white individuals and predominantly white organizations to begin to powerfully dismantle systems of supremacy. These tools are designed to guide white people in self-education and recovery from our inevitable errors, with a goal of sustained accountable relationship with marginalized communities and people while reducing harm.

Take the pre-workshop assesment - Antiracist Checklist for Whites adapted from Dr. John Raible’s (2009) checklist for antiracist white allies



8 Tools for Powerfully Dismantling Supremacy Workshop

“Allyship” Guidelines






Articles or Links









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