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The power of whiteness

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So, I'm sitting and reading my favorite comedy page,, and I come across a conspiracy theory article. Number 5 on their list: MLK'S Family Sued The Federal Government For Conspiracy To Commit Murder (And Won)

Say what?

Now, I just posted on twitter how I felt ashamed for not know certain facets of black history. Thanks to @VeryWhiteGuy for reminding me that it's not completly my fault. Also, this was in 1999 when the internet was called the net, before being called the internet again. Remember, this is a conspiracy theory article, so take it with a grain of salt, BUT it does, at least, show the power of white privilege, because you've probably never heard of this story, right? I didn't. I won't spoil the article because it, and many others on are worth reading. You may also enjoy their suble jabs at whiteness.


That's all I have.