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Anti-racism activist and no that =/= some code word. Drew has worked directly with BLUU to present content for white people at GA 2016 as well as in St Louis & at GA2017. Drew believes that UU’s shared faith, principles and commitment to a responsible journey for truth provide an ideal framework for making significant advances in dismantling systems of supremacy.

Drew is the co-host of the White Privilege Podcast

Tana Pesso

For white people wanting to do something about their own racist feelings and reactions see Kinship Training: Unseating Unconscious Racist Views With Feelings Of Kinship at This is a work in progress and I'd greatly appreciate hearing your experience with and thoughts about the visualization exercises. These are non-secular adaptations of Buddhist compassion practices.

Ben Hair

hey all ! I just learned about this site through @VeryWhiteGuy's Twitter account. Looking forward to learning & growing here ! ^_^ _/|\_

Terry J Mitchell

I love your mission statement. I sometimes don't know what "race" I should claim. But I know when I walk into the room I am considered a white lady by most people, even though my single mother was a first generation Mexican American and didn't speak English til she was 7 years old. My adult daughters are much darker than me and are considered black by most people. I've seen the difference in the way they are treated and heard by society. I am deeply committed to changing the way we heal racism. Thanks for creating this website.